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Cigars of the Pharaoh (Tintin)

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Artist: Hergé

Product Description:

Poster from the famous Tintin albums. In Egypt with Milou.Pharaoh's cigars are considered the first real Tintin adventure. Hergé decided to develop the series after the great successes of Tintin in the Soviet Union, Tintin in the Congo and Tintin in America. For the album, he now did more and more research about the places Tintin would visit as well as the animals, things and environments the reporter and his dog would meet there. In addition, Tintin is not saved from difficulties as miraculously as before. Furthermore, there are now mysterious elements in the story, such as mummified Egyptologists, poison that makes you crazy and magical ropes that rise. Tintin now also looks more like a curious adventurer than a journalist. French title Les Cigars du Faraon.

Choose between framing with exclusive black wooden frame, standard frame + poster or just the poster.

*When ordering with an handmade black wooden frame, the poster is framed by hand in our workshop and quality assured. Delivered ready for hanging.

Standard frame 70x50cm in 4 different colors can also be ordered separately here or under the tab Posters > Frames.

Size: 70x50cm

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