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Tintin & Gerillan

Poster from the famous Tintin albums. Here with the Picaros you see Tintin, Milou, captain Haddock and professor Kalkyl. Hergé co-wrote the album with his assistant Bob de Moor. Hergé was almost 70 years old and happened to make the album one page too long, 63 pages instead of 62. Between pages 22 and 23, a page was removed where Colonel Sponsz happens to destroy a bust of Plekszy-Gladz. The Tintin figure appears in some respects modernized compared to previous albums. For example, Tintin does yoga exercises in the beginning of the action. Another news is that Tintin wears slightly flared jeans instead of golf trousers.

The background to the album is a real event where a French writer, Régis Debray, was imprisoned in Bolivia for helping the guerrilla leader Che Guevara. The Indian tribe in the album is based on the Indian tribe Tupamaros who helped Castro to power in Cuba. The capital Tapiocapolis is based on Belo Horizonte. The album is also inspired by the situation in Latin America in the 1970s, when almost all countries were ruled by military junta.

Select framed in black frame or just the poster.

Size: 70x50cm

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