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Ballet romàntic 1974

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Artist: Joan Miró

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Miro, Juan (1893-1983), Spanish painter and sculptor. Most active in Paris and Barcelona. In Barcelona he has got his own museum. He began his career with visual art but in 1924 reached an almost abstract painting, a pictorial drawing with figurative figures. He works primarily with symbols from the subconscious mind. Paint in pure and saturated colors, where the black has a large proportion. In the early 1930s, his painting culminates in this form of expression, while the color becomes more intense. Miro's graphic production is great, where he has worked with both lithography and etching. His large production of sculptures in bronze and terracotta complements his activities. Edited by Fundacio Joan Miró, Barcelona 1995.
LEM srl Milano printer.

Quality poster60x100 cm, image 47x95 cm

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